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 Dr. Kris Verburgh, MD, Longevity Physician 


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Achieve your maximum healthspan potential 

Your health is your most important asset.

It’s vital to keep your body and mind as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Learn and deploy the best methods to keep your health and biological age as near to peak performance as possible. 

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About Dr. Verburgh

As a medical doctor, Dr. Verburgh has unique expertise in preventive medicine and optimal health and longevity. 

Additionally, as head of science of one of the largest investment funds into longevity and biotechnology, Dr. Verburgh is knowledgeable about the latest treatments and biotechnologies, including gene editing, RNA-therapies, cell therapies, epigenetic drugs, early diagnostics, and others.

Dr. Verburgh guides you towards a longer, healthier life, using insights and science-based approaches to better prevent diseases, live longer, and feel better.  

His expertise ranges from “low-tech” approaches to longevity, such as supplements, nutrition, exercise and sleep optimization, to “high-tech” approaches, such as biomarkers of aging, medication, biologics, early detection tests (e.g. for cancer), whole-body MRIs, and other approaches. 


Examples of longevity consultations


 – Cancer screening tests: using best-in-class, science-based tests via (at home) blood draws or urine analysis (e.g. for prostate cancer), or whole-body MRI, to early diagnose cancer. We also provide the best strategies (nutrition, supplements, and other interventions) to reduce the risk of cancer. 

Biological age testing: how old are you biologically? We use the best-in-class epigenetic tests to measure your rate of aging and your biological age; and provide recommendations to reverse your biological age.

Microbiome testing: the microbiome plays a paramount role in health and aging. We use best-in-class, science-based microbiome tests to assess your microbiome, and help you to understand the test results, and provide advice to improve your microbiome. 

Heart disease / atherosclerosis risk: how healthy are your arteries? How can you reduce your risk of heart disease? We guide you towards better heart health, relying on the best cardiovascular biomarkers and tests. We explain science-based interventions and tools to reduce and monitor heart disease. 

Alzheimer’s / cognitive health: how to keep your brain healthy, and improve cognition? What are the best tests, methods and tools to prevent or slow down Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia? 

Best supplements and diets for longevity: which of the many diets that exist make the most sense for optimal health and longevity?  

Medication and drugs for longevity / healthy aging: insightful discussion and advice regarding “anti-aging drugs”, e.g. rapamycin, acarbose, beta-blockers, ACE-inhibitors, and many others. 

Consultancy on aging and longevity: learn more about the aging process, how aging-related diseases originate, novel longevity technologies, or the longevity research, start-up and industry landscape. 

Long-term longevity and health coaching: a course of 10 lessons on longevity, involving supplements, nutrition, tests, medication, devices for optimal healthspan and lifespan. 


Finding a doctor specialized in longevity and healthy aging


Longevity medicine, preventive medicine and optimal health are subjects that are hardly taught at medical schools. 

Additionally, “classical” medicine’s approach still mainly involves “treating diseases”, instead of preventing them. “Treating” diseases also mostly involves “managing” them, because current approaches to many diseases do not really cure or reverse them. 

Furthermore, in standard medical practice, little attention is given to nutrition, supplements, medtech and other interventions to keep patients healthy for as long as possible.

The few doctors that do specialize in “anti-aging” medicine often base themselves on outdated notions and interventions.

For example, they prescribe antioxidants to slow down aging (most antioxidants do not work to slow aging and some can even accelerate aging), or recommend diets that in the long term accelerate aging (e.g. high-protein diets).

Therefore, it’s very important to find a good, science-based longevity doctor or expert.  


Is Dr. Verburgh an “anti-aging doctor”?

Dr. Verburgh does not like to use the term “anti-aging”. Instead, he prefers to use the word “longevity”.

He believes in “longevity medicine” and “biogerontology”, two science-based disciplines aiming to extend healthspan and lifespan.

All approaches should be based on the latest studies and insights into aging, aging-related diseases, and health.


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