Consultation with Dr. Verburgh, MD


A medical doctor specialized in longevity, prevention, nutrition and optimal health

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As a medical doctor and researcher in aging and longevity, Verburgh has gained a unique expertise in prevention, nutrition, supplements, novel biotechnologies, general health and optimal longevity.

Examples of topics or questions you might have:

– Which supplements should I take or combine for longevity or health?

Prevention and/or treatment of specific aging-related diseases (e.g. heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, macular degeneration)

– Discussion of medical tests and test results (e.g. blood tests, epigenetic tests, MRI scans, etc)

– Questions about nutrition and diet.

– And many other questions and subjects. 

First (intake) consultation

Approximately one hour: x USD/EUR

Follow-up consultations

Approximately 30 minutes: x USD/EUR

Short consultations

Approximately 30 minutes: x USD/EUR
(No first intake consultation needed)

Consultations are done via Zoom or Google Meet.

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