“Without a doubt, the lecture of Kris Verburgh was one of the best we have ever seen at our Rotary meetings. A lecture of such a brilliant speaker is perhaps a one in 20-year event and I think this was also the prevailing impression of the public.”

– Rob Gruben, Rotary club The Netherlands.


“Kris Verburgh, scientific heavyweight and a master speaker.”

– Cor van Leeuwen, member of the board of directors Rabobank


“There are speakers who reach the ears of their audience and there are speakers who reach ears and heart. Kris Verburgh is one of the latter and enchanted everybody.”

– Peter van Lindonk, co-Founder & director PINC (People, Ideas, Nature & Creativity) Conferences


Kris Verburgh gives inspiring lectures
on new trends and developments
in medicine, biotechnology, health and aging.
How will new biotech technologies
impact our bodies, brains and society?


> Can the aging process be reversed?
> How will biotechnology transform our health and lifespan?
> What will the future of medicine and health look like?
> What can we do to live longer and healthier?



Kris Verburgh has given talks since age 16 on the future of medicine, health and longevity.

Clients have been Singularity University, companies like Google, 3M and ASML, governmental organizations like the European Parliament, universities including Cambridge University and King’s College, banks such as Barclays and Rabobank, and investment funds, hospitals, and various other organisations and institutes.

He spoke at “La Ciudad de Las Ideas”, the International Festival of Brilliant Minds in Mexico, and was a 3-time speaker for PINC Conferences in the Netherlands, which invited world-inspiring speakers like Ray Kurzweil (inventor, author, entrepreneur), Greg Marshall (executive producer for National Geographic), and John Wood (author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World).

Dr. Verburgh’s passion is optimal health, longevity and new biotechnologies.


Kris Verburgh has given lectures for the following organizations and institutes:

Example of a lecture

The future of health and longevity, and how to reverse aging


What will the future of health and longevity look like? How can we live longer, healthier lives? How will treating and reversing aging transform medicine and society? What are currently the most promising new biotechnologies?

Currently, the medical and biotech field are undergoing big changes, with completely new (bio)technologies that are being developed which will profoundly change our health, bodies and lifespan. Dr. Verburgh will explain these important developments and address the risks, controversies, opportunities, and concerns of this Second Biotech Age and its impact on society as a whole.

In this session, Dr. Verburgh will first talk about how the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, the cloud, and robotics will improve our health.

Then he will highlight new biotechnologies that will transform medicine, like gene editing, epigenetic therapies, cell therapies, bioprinting, and others.

Furthermore, various paradigm shifts are discussed, like looking beyond the genome to much better assess our health, disease risk and lifespan.

Another important paradigm shift is treating aging itself to keep people healthy for as long as possible and much better treat aging-related diseases, like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. He will discuss how reversing aging will transform medicine and our health.

Finally, he discusses how these new developments will not only impact medicine and healthcare, but also society as a whole.

This lecture is ideal for executives, entrepreneurs and organizations who want to know what the future of health, medicine and longevity will look like, and how they can capitalize on these new developments, ranging from changing their policies to keeping their employees healthy.



  • Speaker at Cambridge University on “The future of biotechnology”.
  • Speaker at Singularity University on “The future of medicine”.
  • Speaker at King’s College, London, UK. Lecture about aging and preventive medicine.
  • Opening and keynote speaker at the European Health Parliament, organised by the European Parliament and Google, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Speaker for the Profil Institute for Metabolic Research, at Neuss, Germany. Lecture about diabetes and nutrition.
  • Speaker at the Cardiologist Center Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • Panel member Nutrition, preventive medicine and the medical student conference at the Academic Medical Center Leiden, Netherlands.
  • Interview for Pfizer for the book Healthy ageing for which 20 professors and experts in aging were interviewed.
  • Invited speaker University of Maastricht, Netherlands. Subject: nutrition and aging.
  • Invited speaker Free University Medical Center Amsterdam, Netherlands. Subject: nutrition and aging.
  • Keynote speaker for Procter & Gamble on Nutrition & innovation (Brussels, Belgium).
  • Invited speaker on the Globesitas-conference, organised by the Dutch Journal of nutritional medicine and disease prevention, The Netherlands.
  • Keynote speaker Health and care day (Dutch Care Network).
  • Keynote speaker ‘National Food Debate’ (Netherlands).
  • Keynote speaker Obesitas conference (for 400 obesity experts, dieticians, obesity surgeons).
  • Invited speaker University of Nijmegen, Netherlands. Subject: nutrition and aging.
  • Television lecture (on national Dutch television) about nutrition and aging (25 minutes prime-time) at NTR Academywhere original thinkers are invited to provide a lecture for the general public.
  • Speaker for the Flemish Circle of Physicians, Antwerp, Belgium (on nutrition, diabetes and aging).
  • Invited panel member on launch of New Scientist magazine in The Netherlands, together with Nobel Laureate (in physics) Gerard ‘t Hoofd (in Amsterdam, The Netherlands).
  • Speaker The future of Food (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).
  • Speaker and panel member on Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing (EHA), Brussels, Belgium.
  • Invited speaker and panel member for deputies of the European Parliament and for the Heinrich-Böll Foundation, Brussels, Belgium.




  • New developments and paradigm shifts in medicine ​- Which new diagnostics, treatments and ideas will disrupt medicine?
  • Why addressing aging wil transform health(care) – Why do we age? How can we slow down aging? Why is targeting aging so important for medicine?
  • Nutrition and the brain – What food has a positive impact on brain health and cognition?
  • The purpose of begin sick – On disease and evolution.
  • The future of science – New trends in the 21ste century.
  • How does the brain work?
  • On creativity and intelligence
  • Religion, spirituality and morality in the brain
  • What is happiness? The neurobiology and psychology of happiness.
  • Artificial intelligence and creativity – Will computers become more intelligent than humans? What is intelligence? How can we become more creative?
  • Science and wonder – Why science makes the world more beautiful.
  • The big story – From big bang to consciousness.


Public speaking is an art. An important aspect of my lectures is using lots of images, striking examples and clear language, weaving these components together into a compelling narrative brimming with discoveries, knowledge and insights that change the way people look at things.