Professor Cynthia Kenyon about the genetics of aging and the role of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) in the aging process.

Dr. Mark Hyman argues for a different approach in medicine. Instead of just treating symptoms and locations, medical doctors should firstly address common underlying mechanisms and causes of disease.

What kind of treatment reduces the risk of dementia with about 50%, the risk of hip fracture with 41% and reduces anxiety with 48%?
Exercise! Watch this great video about the health benefits of a regular workout.

Dr. Michael Greger talks about the most important causes of death and explains how oatmeal, walnuts and not too much meat can add a significant number of years to your life.

An interesting lecture about aging, caloric restriction and nutrition.

Sam Berns, a 17-year-old progeria patient, shares his philosophy for a happy life. Progeria is often called a disease of accelerated aging, which makes children with progeria look decades older.